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How IQ Test Affects Your Overall Persona?

IQ is the Intelligence Quotient, that is, an assessment of your ability to think, reason or solve a problem at any level. It is considered to be a standard way of comparing this particular ability with majority of people who fall in the same age group. Einstein had an IQ score of above 160 which indicates his extraordinary gifted intelligence. Psychologists have defined scores range to classify the type of IQ a person possesses which are:
  • 40-54: People with these scores are severely challenged, that is, their IQ level is quite low
  • 55-69: People who score this are challenge. Their IQ is simply low
  • 70-84: Such scorers are below average, that is, with a below average IQ
  • 85-114: People with these scores are at an average level. This score is mostly scored by people. More than 60% of test takers fall under this category
  • 115-129: This score states that the person's IQ is above average
  • 130-144: These scorers have a gifted IQ since this is a relatively high score
  • 145-159: These people are quite genius since their IQs are very strong. They are very sharp mind
  • 160-175: Within this range, Einstein also scored. So, this itself states how extraordinary genius one is with these scores

Although these scores are not accurate, yet they may vary by just 5 points up or down. But at least one comes to know where they actually stand in terms of intelligence. Every time a person takes up an IQ Test, his IQ score can vary depending upon the factors affecting the mind and brain which are:
  • Health: A person with poor health, either fever or cold or cough, affects the mind and the thinking capability reduces to a great extent and even reasoning decreases.
  • Distraction: A person while giving the test might get distracted in any way. Either by an outside source or by thinking something else. This way the concentration level decreases and as a result affects the IQ score of a person.
  • Brain injury: Any person who is suffering from a brain injury by any accident or mishap, might not think as well as he thinks normally. So, this might highly affect his IQ score.
  • Positive or Negative Attitude: Having a positive attitude throughout life increases the ability to think and process faster which in turn increases the IQ score. A person with negative attitude always over thinks on every situation and gets difficult to make a proper decision even while attempting for the IQ Test. This then decreases the IQ score.

Obviously, IQ is not the only test to check a person's ability. It just tests a person's intelligence and thinking power. IQ scores are not the end of the test. IQ scores fail to measure few factors and abilities in a person out of which, one is manual dexterity. It is a skill set by a person's hand. Another is musical talent which an IQ test can never measure, but still helps in great success in life.